How to properly use the Bumbo Floor Seat


Safety Information

Always keep these instructions in a safe place for future reference




The Bumbo Seat enables your baby to maintain a sitting position on the floor, allowing you to play with, read to, and feed your baby. The Bumbo Seat should not be used until your baby can support his or her head.


Use responsibly:

  • Use the restraint. Without the restraint, your baby may be able to escape from and fall out of the Bumbo Seat suddenly. If the restraint is damaged, stop using the Bumbo Seat.
  • Stay with and watch your baby during use.
  • Do not use the Bumbo Seat for prolonged periods.
  • Do not attach strings or cords to the product - they can cause entanglement or strangulation.
  • Store the Bumbo Seat out of reach of children. When not in use, restraint can cause entanglement or strangulation.


Your restrained baby may be able to cause the Bumbo Seat to move.

  • Do not use on raised surfaces such as tables, counters, chairs, beds, or near stairs to prevent risk of serious injury from falls.
  • Place flat on floor or ground on a firm, level surface and keep away from walls or other objects your child could push against to avoid tip over.
  • Consider the surroundings. Keep away from strings or cords (such as those on window coverings) that can cause strangulation. Look out for heavy objects your baby could pull over.


Use appropriately: the Bumbo Seat is not a replacement for other baby products.

  • Do not use as a booster seat or in place of a high chair. The Bumbo Seat should never be used on raised surfaces.
  • Do not use as a bath seat or in a kiddie pool. Using the Bumbo Seat in or near water can lead to drowning.
  • Do not use in place of a crib or play yard. Your baby may be able to move the Bumbo Seat.
  • Do not use as a child carrier. Lifting, tilting, or carrying the Bumbo Seat while your baby is in it can result in a fall injury.
  • Do not use as a car seat.


Cleaning: Do not immerse in water. Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.


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